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TIME TO BREATHE, aptly subtitled (Confessions of an Alien) is a memoir by ROMEO MORALES, chronicling his years in the land of opportunity as he struggled to legalize his alien status in America.The journey of struggle Morales had embarked upon in search of a much greener pasture entails leaving a job he loved most way back home in the Philippines, his family, loved ones and friends only to find himself in a much even worst situation than from what he ran away from.

Almost seven decades ago, a Filipino-American wrote his experiences in what could be the first account of an immigrant trying to better his life but was met with “hostility of racism and harsh, low paying jobs” as described by Rafael Conejos in an analysis of the semi-autobiography novel by Carlos Bulosan’s America Is in the Heart. The discouraging hostile condition in the 30’s that Bulosan found himself in as compared to the present-day tougher immigration situation that Morales had wrestled upon smacked certain degree of similarities in the manner of ordeals and sacrifices (low salary, exploitation, injustice, discrimination, etc.) both immigrants went through. Or simply put, things have never change, they only get worst through the years.