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I don’t know what prompted me to take a walk in downtown LA but I had this sudden urge that pushed me to go for it. Anyway, downtown LA is the heart of the city; I should enjoy walking.
Finally, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender can now claim their biggest gain in the history of their struggle for recognition with the landmark decision of the U.S. Supreme Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional.
They used to be the whipping boy of the anti-immigration group, but when families of the millions of undocumented immigrants stood up for what they believed in, they sent President Barack Obama to the oval office for another term.
SOME forty-four years ago, or maybe even more, looking back into those restless and carefree high school days when fun and games were norms and acting goofy was essentially cool, a torrent of images rush back to me like a time machine. Then I realize I still got that impish grin of my youth.
As the plane hovers above a vast track of land and water, what I had always dreamt of is now just down below me. Snow! Yes, the vast track of land and water are covered with snow. Since I was a child, it has been my dream to play on snow, sled-ride on it or maybe throw snowballs.
This sums up what President Barack Obama has just done to stop the possible deportation of some 800,000 young immigrants, many of whom came here not through their own fault.
I’VE BEEN longing to see Popoy again. I guess after all those years of waiting and hoping, I would never see my friend anymore.
“When I get older losing my hair, many years from now…” these lyrics when it hit me suddenly while I was in front of my computer, I just thought of writing my ideas on it and share it with you.
Watching how Manny Pacquiao was robbed of his boxing title by the three judges who scored the fight, I immediately googled their names and was surprised to know they were Helen K. , Ray C. and the Blind Swordman.