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A cup-inventor and his awesome large friends Epitaph toward a keen altar of third millennium post of Lyon, France (CIL XIII

A cup-inventor and his awesome large friends Epitaph toward a keen altar of third millennium post of Lyon, France (CIL XIII

thirteen. 2000) D Yards Mais aussi MEMORIAE AETERNE IUL I ALEXSADRI NATIONE AFRI CIVI CARTHAGINESI OMINI OPTIMO OPIF ICI ARTIS VITRIAE Et celle-ci VIX ANOS LXXV MENSEN V Dies XIII SENE ULLA LESIONE ANIMI Cum COIUGE SUA VIRGINIA Jizz QUA VIX Sit ANNIS XXXXVIII Ex boyfriend QUA CREAVIT FILIO III Et FILIAM Ex boyfriend QUIBUS His OMNIBUS NE POTES VIDIT ED EOS SUPEST ITES SIBI RELIQUIT HUNC TUMULUM PONENDUM CU RAVERUNT NUMONIA Be LLIA UXSOR Ainsi que IULIUS AL EXSIUS FILIUS Et IULIUS F ELIX FILIUS Mais aussi IULIUS Girl LONIUS FILIUS Ainsi que NUMO NIA BELLIOSA FILIA Goods NEPOTES EIUS IULIUS Bien au(ci) You IULIUS FELIX IULIU(S) (Alex) SANDER IULIUS GALON(ius) (Iuli) United states LEONTIUS IULIUS Girl . . . IULIUS EONIUS P P CUR (mais aussi sub ascia) DEDICAV(erunt) For the spirits of dry as well as the endless thoughts of Iulius Alexsander, an African of Carthage, a great child, a founder out-of mug, which lived seventy-Wve many years, Wve months and you can 13 months. He stayed with no quarrel together with maidenly partner getting forty-eight decades, having which he fathered about three sons and you can a girl, each of exactly who gave your grandkids just who survived him. Their stays was indeed installed that it tomb by their wife, Numonia Bellia, and by his sons Iulius Alexsius, Iulius Felix, Iulius Gallonius, with his child Numonia Belliosa, as well as their grandchildren Iulius Aucius, Iulius Felix, Iulius Alexsander, Iulius Gallonius, Iulius Leontius, Iulius Gal . . . , Iulius Eonius.

fourteen. A father, aunt and you can cousin is celebrated Epitaph off Vienne, France (CIL XII. 1871) D Meters MINNI VENUSTI (De)C CIVITAT SOGION (ti)Otherwise Et SEXT MINNI Virtual assistant LERIANI FILI EIUS Mais aussi Intercourse(ti) (M)INNI QUINTILIANI MINNIUS VESTINUS EMERITUS COH XIII URB(anae) (D)ECURIO Lug VENUSTO (P)ATRI VALERIANO FRATRI (Q)UINTILIANO CONSO (br)INO KARISSIMIS POSUIT (et) Sub ASCIA DEDICA Vit Toward comfort of the dry and off Minnius Venustus, magistrate of your civitas Sogontiorum, as well as Sextus Minnius Valerianus, their kid, and of Sextus Minnius Quintilianus. Minnius Vestinus, seasoned of one’s 13th Metropolitan Cohort and you will magistrate off Lugdunum, lay which as much as their dearest dad Venustius, in order to their sis Valerianus, and also to their cousin Quintilianus, and you may faithful they while nevertheless in hammer.

A purple slave purchases an effective tomb Epitaph plaque of one’s middle-next 100 years of Portus, Italy (Thylander 1952: A96) D Yards EUHODUS CAES Letter SER Ainsi que VENNONIA APPHIS LOCO EMPTO A good VALERIA TROPHIME FECERUNT SIBI Ainsi que LIBERTIS LIBERTABUSQUE EIUS POSTERIS Que EORUM On spirits of the dry

15. An excellent Sicilian residing in south Gaul Epitaph of 2nd millennium Ad of Antibes, France (CIL XII. 178) C TULLIUS FLAVIANUS IULIAE CAELIANI DECURIONIS FILIUS LIBERTAE THALLUSAE DOMO CATINA Old boyfriend PROVIN UXORI MERENTISSIMAE CIA SICILIA INCOLA ANTI VIVUS FECIT POLITANUS SIBI Et Gaius Tullius Flavianus, child out of a great magistrate, regarding Catania from the province from Sicily, a resident non-native when you look at the Antibes, put which upwards during his lifetime to have themselves as well as Iulia Thallusa, freedwoman off Caelianus, their really worthwhile girlfriend, done when you’re live.

16. A member of new emperor’s Germanic bodyguard into the Rome Epitaph into the an excellent stele of one’s middle-initial 100 years advertisement of Rome, Italy (CIL VI. 8809/ILS 1726) POSTUMUS TI CLAUDI CAISAR AUG

It performed that it off obligations and devoted it when you’re nonetheless under the hammer

CORPOR CUST DEC SYNEROTIS NAT UBIUS VIX An enthusiastic XXV sitios de citas interraciales gratis H S E POS CAPITO DEC SYNEROTIS This lady EIUS Ex COL GERM Postumus, person in the latest purple bodyguard of one’s emperor Tiberius Claudius, regarding squadron out of Syneros, a keen Ubian by the beginning. He lived twenty-Wve age. Here he lays. Postumus Capito, their heir, regarding Germanic bodyguard and from the squadron off Syneros, had so it over.

17. Euhodus, servant of one’s emperor, and you may Vennonia Apphis, whom bought so it unoccupied burial put away from Valeria Trophima, did so it on their own, in addition to their freedmen, and you will freedwomen, and their oVspring.

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